MRI Atlas of Human White Matter, Second Edition

By  MRI atlas of White matter

  • Kenichi Oishi (Author),
  • Andreia V. Faria (Author),
  • Peter C M van Zijl (Author),
  • Susumu Mori (Author)

MRI Atlas of Human White Matter remains the only atlas to provide detailed anatomy of human brain white matter. Knowledge of this anatomy via diffusion tensor imaging (DTI )greatly enhances our understanding of brain function and neural connectivity. These advances promise to be particularly helpful with neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.  The second edition offers an introduction to and description of the methodology, the 3D anatomy of individual tracts, and a series of color-coded orientation maps to delineate white matter anatomy in a slice-by-slice manner. Improvements over the 1st edition include: full segmentation of up to 176 regions of the brain, added definitions of gray matter to further understanding between white and gray matter structures, and the addition of standardized stereotaxic coordinates. The atlas serves as a valuable resource for clinicians, researchers and graduate students in neuroscience, neurology, neurosurgery and radiology.

* Visualization of brain white matter anatomy via 3D diffusion tensor imaging contrasts enhances relationship of anatomy to function

* Full segmentation of 170+ brain regions more clearly defines structure boundaries than previous point-and-annotate anatomical labeling

* Connectivity is mapped in a way not provided by traditional atlases

* Electronic files with viewing software can be made available via CD and/or BrainNavigator allow readers access to raw image files


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