Clark’s Pocket Handbook for Radiographers

Clark pocket handbook for radiographersBy

  • Charles Sloane (Author),
  • Stewart A Whitley (Author),
  • Craig Anderson (Author),
  • Ken Holmes (Author)


From the stable of Clark’s Positioning in Radiography, now in it’s 12th edition, comes this practical pocket-sized rapid reference to radiographic techniques for students and qualified radiographers.

This hands-on guide provides clear and practical advice on the radiographer’s day-to-day work. It covers how to position the patient and the central ray; gives guidance on the essential image characteristics; and each radiographic projection is illustrated with a positioning photograph and a radiograph, which, together with the key points, help the radiography achieve the ideal image result. This handbook also includes additional information such as image evaluation, medical abbreviations, relevant normal blood values and material on radiation protection; all relevant and useful advice for the radiographer.



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  1. Book requests:
    -Interventional Oncology: Principles and Practice by Geschwind and Soulend (Cambridge University press)
    -Atlas of Vascular Anatomy- An Angiographic Approach 2E by Uflacker (LWW)

    Would like in pdf if possible, since I am on a mac and cannot use orb reader. Thanks admin!!

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