Fundamentals of MRI: An Interactive Learning Approach

Fundamentals of MRI an interactive approachBy

  • Elizabeth Berry; Andrew J. Bulpitt

Fundamentals of MRI: An Interactive Learning Approach explores the physical principles that underpin the technique of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

After covering background mathematics, physics, and digital imaging, the book presents fundamental physical principles, including magnetization and rotating reference frame. It describes how relaxation mechanisms help predict tissue contrast and how an MR signal is localized to a selected slice through the body. The text then focuses on frequency and phase encoding. It also explores the spin-echo sequence, its scan parameters, and additional imaging sequences, such as inversion recovery and gradient echo.

The authors enhance the learning experience with practical materials. Along with questions, exercises, and solutions, they include ten interactive programs on the accompanying CD-ROM. These programs not only allow concepts to be clearly demonstrated and further developed, but also provide an opportunity to engage in the learning process through guided exercises.

By providing a solid, hands-on foundation in the physics of MRI, this textbook helps students gain confidence with core concepts before they move on to further study or practical training.

  • Presents a self-contained introduction to MRI with coverage of all the basics
  • Links key principles to the main components of an MR system, such as radio frequency coils and gradient coils
  • Outlines the steps of spatial localization: slice selection, frequency encoding, and phase encoding
  • Illustrates how an image is generated
  • Integrates exercises and detailed solutions within the text to reinforce an understanding of the concepts presented
  • Includes 150 multiple-choice questions with answers in the back of the book
  • Provides a CD-ROM with worked examples, animations, exercises, and interactive programs


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