An Introduction to Radiation Protection, 6th Edition

An introduction to radiation protectionBy

  • Alan Martin formerly ran the consultancy Alan Martin Associates, UK
  • Sam Harbison is a Health & Safety Consultant based in Kent and was formerly Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Nuclear Installations, Health & Safety Executive, UK
  • Karen Beach is a Radiation Protection Advisor for Research Sites Restoration Ltd, UK
  • Peter Cole is Radiation Protection Advisor and Lecturer at the University of Liverpool, UK

An Introduction to Radiation Protection is a highly readable account of the nature of the hazards presented by ionizing radiation and the methods of protection for those new to the field and for the non-specialist.

The sixth edition of this established text takes readers through the general background of the subject, the technical principles underlying the control of radiation hazards, radiation detection and measurement, and the biological effects of radiation. These principles are followed by a consideration of radiation protection issues in the nuclear industry, the non-nuclear sector, and the medical field. Further specialised topics include risk assessment, waste management and decommissioning, radiological incidents and emergencies, relevant legislation, and organizational issues.

Supplemented by clear diagrams and photographs, summary sections, and revision questions, the book is suitable for the beginner as well as the more advanced radiation practitioner. It remains an ideal primer for those working in the nuclear industry, nuclear medicine technicians, radiographers and medical physics technicians, health and safety executives and occupational health professionals. It is also an invaluable companion for anyone training or undertaking a course in radiation protection.

  • Introduces all aspects of radiation protection in a readable format
  • Supplemented by clear diagrams and photographs, summary sections and revision questions, suitable for the beginner and more advanced radiation practitioner
  • Reflects current EU strategies and other European and international requirements and legislation including ICRP103
  • Includes more coverage of risk and risk assessment, a more detailed discussion of decommissioning, and recent advances in radiation protection in medicine
  • Includes an image library and sample lectures


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