Neuroradiology Companion: Methods, Guidelines, and Imaging Fundamentals, 4th Edition

Neuroradiology CompanionBy

  • Mauricio Castillo MD Professor of Radiology, Chief and Program Director, Neuroradiology, The University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC

The Fourth Edition of Neuroradiology Companion is a concise, well-illustrated overview of neuroradiology and discusses the most important and common disorders of the brain, spine and head and neck regions. Each disorder is presented in one to four pages with “Key Facts” in bulleted format, six to eight images that show the most common findings, and suggested readings. This new edition includes more than 1500 images, current protocols and the latest clinical information. Neuroradiology Companion is ideal for reading cover-to-cover during neuroradiology rotations as well as for daily consultation in the reading room.

  •  NEW: Modern protocols for brain, spine, and head and neck imaging examinations
  • NEW: Number of images more than twice that in prior edition: now six to eight images per disease—more than 1500!
  • NEW: Color figures added, especially perfusion images
  • “Key Facts” related to each disorder are highlighted by bullets for quick reference and review
  • Includes key head and neck diagnoses
  • Part of the acclaimed LWW’s Companion Series


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  1. Excellent book!!!!!

  2. Can you get these books online when they release the Ebook version i am urgently needing it. And thanks in advance.

    Clinical Vascular Anatomy and Variations

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