Applied Medical Image Processing: A Basic Course

Applied Medical ProcessingBy

  • Wolfgang Birkfellner, Center for Biomedical Engineering and Physics, Medical University of Vienna.

Based on the authors’ decades-long tenure in clinical environments and their extensive teaching experience,Applied Medical Image Processing: A Basic Course introduces the basic methods in applied image processing without assuming that readers have extensive prior knowledge beyond basic applied mathematics, physics, and programming. Illustrated with simple, well-commented MATLAB® examples, the book’s tangible and accessible presentation demonstrates real-life applications.

The rapid evolution of radiological imaging in the past four decades has brought medical image processing into the forefront as an essential tool for clinical research, a crucial component of modern diagnostics, and an indispensable element the actual treatment of diseases. A hands-on introduction to the basic image processing algorithms used in clinical routine applications, Applied Medical Image Processing: A Basic Course closes the gap between basic engineering knowledge such as simple programming and applied mathematics on the one hand, and the general understanding of a science that affects the health of a broad public.

  • Provides a self-contained, complete basic introduction to the field, emphasizing special requirements for processing medical imaging data
  • Includes many practical examples for MATLAB and Octave with a CD-ROM featuring image material and program files
  • Covers three-dimensional volume data sets commonly encountered in tomographic imaging
  • Addresses the most frequently used visualization techniques in medical imaging, including image segmentation, 3D image fusion, and tomographic reconstruction
  • Requires little more than basic algebra and basic programming skills


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