Diagnostic Radiology : Recent Advances and Applied Physics in Imaging

Author: Gupta Arun Kumar, Chowdhury Veena, Khandelwal Niranjan, Sharma Sanjay, Bhalla Ashu Seith, Hari Smriti

This book Diagnostic Radiology Recent Advances and Applied Physics in Imaging provide state-of-the-art knowledge to postgraduates and practicing radiologists along with establishing a uniform pattern of teaching in Radiology across the country. It contains 29 chapters. This topic was not covered as a separate course and book volume in the second series. Compared to the First Edition on Advances in Imaging Technology, which was part of the first series; the contents of the Second Edition have been significantly reorganized and enhanced, with addition of several new topics. It includes the advancements in equipment, devices and applications in all major modalities ranging from plain radiography to MRI. The basics of devices in intervention have also been included. This book will help to enhance the imaging course series, and prove useful to radiologists in training and practice; as well to technologists as a valuable reference.


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