Donald School Textbook of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology, 3rd Edition


  • Asim Kurjak (Author)
  • Fran A. Chervenak (Author)

This book is written by a multidisciplinary group of contributors who are truly international,with extensive knowledge and experience in their fields. They are from the Ian Donald School, founded in 1981, which is devoted to international education
and research in all aspects of diagnostic ultrasound. The first section deals with general aspects of ultrasound. The nature of ultrasound is well explained and a useful reference, although more detailed than required at a novice level. Safety aspects of ultrasound are well researched but the chapter itself is rather long.The introductory
chapter on 3D ultrasound is excellent,with an eloquent account of the acquisition of 3D images and the clearest illustrations that I have encountered.The chapter on screening is accurate but would benefit from a grammar and spelling check. The history of the use of obstetric ultrasound is concise but there is some overlap
between this and the previous chapters.There is a good summary of ultrasound trials worldwide, especially of the RADIUS trial. The SURUSS trial findings were obviously not available at the time of going to press. The chapter on ultrasound in developing countries did not give any details about the extent of ultrasound use or the level of training but did summarise its use in obstetrics and gynaecology. The second section deals with obstetrics. The first three chapters detail the development of the embryo, ultrasound use in the first trimester and ultrasonic assessment of gestational age and are very well written.Ultrasound markers of chromosomal anomaly are discussed briefly and are revisited in a later chapter. Chapters 13 and 14 again suffer from clumsy prose. This book is obviously aimed at an international audience when it
mentions laparoscopic salpingostomy as a ‘gold standard’, as RCOG guidelines advocate laparoscopic salpingectomy.The application of 3D ultrasound in ectopic pregnancy is interesting.The chapter on trophoblastic disease has far too much detail about management, considering this is a textbook on ultrasound and that some of the practices are not recommended in the UK; for example, repeat evacuation for complete gestational trophoblastic disease and use of prostaglandins for partial disease. The chapter on
ultrasound diagnosis of intrauterine growth restriction could be clearer, although there is an interesting discussion about scanning various organs and why these are not used to assess fetal growth. The rest of this section is excellent,with beautiful 3D images and lucid accounts of ultrasound evaluation of the various organ systems. The third section deals with gynaecology and breast ultrasound. Each chapter deals with conventional
ultrasonic appearances of the genitourinary tract as well as new developments such as 3D hysterosalpingography and 3D colour Doppler in adnexal masses. The chapter on breast ultrasound was insightful but not relevant to those practising in the UK. This would be useful as a reference book for all practitioners in obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound. The descriptions of 3D and 4D ultrasound images, and their acquisition and
applications, are contemporary and fascinating.



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