Introductory Head & Neck Imaging

by Yu Eugene, Shankar Lalitha9789351522072

This is an introductory textbook that is written by academic radiologists with expertise in the field of Head and Neck Imaging. The textbook takes an anatomy based approach and systematically introduces the reader to the various compartments of the extracranial head and neck. The detailed anatomic definitions and boundaries of each region covered as are the imaging methods that can be best utilized in their evaluation. The most common and critical congenital, infectious, inflammatory and neoplastic processes that can affect the head and neck are examined in each chapter. An introductory chapter on radiation oncology, written by three of our radiation oncology colleagues, is also included in order to provide the reader with a basic knowledge of the fundamental concepts of this very important and commonly utilized treatment modality. The textbook also makes extensive use of color plate illustrations and photographs in addition to numerous sonographic, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging pictures.


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